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Quality control is mainly to monitor the implementation results of the project, compare the results of the project with the quality standards established in advance, find out the gaps, and analyze the reasons for the gaps. Quality control also runs through the entire process of project implementation. Project results include product results (such as delivery) and management results (such as implementation cost and schedule). Quality control is usually implemented by a quality control department or similar quality organization unit, but this is not always the case. The project management team should have working knowledge of statistical quality control, especially knowledge of sampling inspection and probability, in order to help them evaluate the output of quality control. They should be aware of the differences in concepts such as prevention and inspection, characteristic samples and random samples, special and random reasons, deviations and control lines.In order to ensure quality, we have the following project quality work content
① Quality control input: work results, quality management plan, operation description, inspection form

② Quality control methods and techniques Inspection: including measurement, inspection and testing · Control chart: Control chart can be used to monitor any form of output variables, It is used most frequently and can be used to monitor progress and cost changes, the measurement and frequency of scope changes, errors in project descriptions, and other management results. ·Statistical sample: The statistical value of the actual implementation of the project is the basis of project quality control. The statistical sample involves the representativeness of sample selection. A suitable sample can usually reduce the cost of project control. Of course, this requires some knowledge of sample statistics. It is necessary for the project management team to be familiar with the technique of sample changes. ·Flow diagram: Flow diagram is usually used in the process of project quality control. Its main purpose is to determine and analyze the causes of problems. ·Trend analysis: Trend analysis is the application of mathematical techniques to predict the future development of the project based on historical data. Trend analysis is usually used to monitor:-Technical parameters: How many errors or shortcomings have been identified and corrected, and how many errors have not been corrected ——Expenses and schedule parameters: how much work was completed on schedule within the specified time
③ Quality control output · quality improvement measures · acceptable decision: every project has the possibility of acceptance and rejection, and the unaccepted work needs to be re-executed · re-work: the unaccepted work needs to be re-executed, the project team The goal is to minimize rework. ·Complete the checklist: When checking, the quality of the project should be recorded, and the checklist should be completed. · Process adjustment: Process adjustment includes correction and prevention of quality control measurement results.

At the same time we also provide instrumental testing

1. Alloy analyzer

The alloy analyzer is a kind of XRF spectroscopy analysis technology, which can be used to confirm the specific element in the substance and quantify it at the same time. It can determine the specific element according to the emission wavelength (λ) and energy (E) of the X-ray, and determine the amount of this element by measuring the density of the corresponding ray. In this way, XRF can determine the elemental composition of substances.

2. Rockwell hardness tester

The Rockwell hardness tester is the world's first Rockwell hardness tester designed based on the Rockwell hardness test principle. It can test the hardness of metals with only one-side contact with the sample. The Rockwell hardness tester is adsorbed on the surface of the steel by magnetic force. , No need to support the sample, the test accuracy meets the standard GB/T230, ISO6508, not lower than the desktop Rockwell hardness tester.

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